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    Welcome to the Vanguard Math Department Homepage. We're under massive construction, thank you for your patience.

    Vision and Purpose

    The Mathematics Department at Vanguard prepares students for college level math thinking through its rigorous curriculum and various assessment strategies. Students take a sequence of math courses, including Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II/Trigonometry, and Math Analysis. The College Prepatory Mathematics (CPM) curriculum is followed throughout.

    Students in the math department are assessed in their math classes based both on their habits of work and mind, measured through proficiencies. Those that excel have the option to take our certified AP Calculus Course during their 12th grade year. Student who need extra support are placed into Math Foundations for support.

    Upon completing the math curriculum, students must present an oral defense to graduate. They are also encouraged to earn a 75+ on the Math Regents exam to earn CUNY entrance waivers.

    Curriculum Map


    Math Team

    Tessa Benau (9th grade math)
    Dorota Caetano (9th grade math)
    Rebecca Daczka (10th/11th grade math)
    Ronit Eisig (10th grade math)
    Geoffrey Enriquez (10th grade math)
    Kari Kokka (12th grade math)
    Gayle Maslow (11th grade math)
    Jo Ho-Rolle (9th/12th grade math)
    Melanie Schultz (9th/12th grade math)


    Vanguard Math Interim Assessment System
    Vanguard Math Assessment Continuum


    College Prepatory Mathematics (CPM)
    NYS Performance Standards Consortium Rubrics

    Media, Projects, Exhibitions and Portfolios

    Making Thinking Visible: Vanguard Performance Based Assessments - Watch on Teacher Tube

    Bees Build It Best Exhibition: Clips of 10th Grade Oral Defense